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Our Aims

Our Vision is to prepare an environment that is stimulating for each child, regardless of age or individual need. To have knowledgeable staff who are trained to provide that environment with a caring attitude whilst maintaining a sense of humour. We feel that children should be cared for in a light hearted way whilst providing structure and order throughout their day.

Great Western Happy Children Aims


  • To provide an active, happy, stimulating, safe, caring and sharing environment where children aged 0 to 5 years can grow, learn, and acquire skills that will encourage them to become confident, motivated, independent thinkers and learners.
  • To monitor, observe, record and evaluate all children's progress so that appropriate learning experiences can be created to provide a balanced curriculum in line with national advice appropriate to the stage of development for each child.
  • To build positive relationships between adults and children encouraging mutual understanding and respect for people, the environment, and cultural diversity.
  • To encourage partnerships between parents/guardians, community, outside agencies and the nursery.
  • To provide specialist care for each individual child with staff having the appropriate training and experience to do so.
  • To employ staff that have gone through a stringent recruitment process in-line with national legislation and advice.
  • To provide appropriate accommodation and resources for each age group.
  • To encourage healthy eating and provide appropriate physical activities both inside and outside.
  • To respond quickly and positively to parents suggestions, views and enquiries.
  • To provide a nursery where the ethos is relaxed and friendly but professional.
  • To provide a high quality service where management and staff actively self-evaluate nursery provision and formulate development programmes.
  • To follow a staff appraisal process where personal development is not only encouraged but also supported through appropriate training.